Long Live The Queen!

This post is going to be shorter than the others because I am very tired and I’m not feeling well. My head started hurting several hours ago and it was shortly followed by a sore throat.

This morning, we intended to go to a place called The Breakfast Club for a full English breakfast. It came highly recommended by one of our AirBNB hosts. The wait there was an hour long and we were trying to make it to Buckingham Palace for the changing of the guard, so we walked across the street and ate at a place called Toi and Moi instead. I ordered a “mini” breakfast with no mushrooms and scrambled eggs instead of fried. I ate everything but the beans, but I even tried those.

We made it to Buckingham Palace a little before 11 thinking the changing of the guard would start then, but it didn’t really start until about 11:30. The crowd was pretty intense, so we didn’t stay for the whole thing, electing instead to go ahead and book tickets for the inside of the palace for 12:15. It was my second time inside of BP but they had changed a lot, so I really enjoyed the experience. One thing that was really interesting was that they already had a whole exhibit set up about the Queen being the longest reigning monarch to date, even though that record wasn’t broken until yesterday. They even had a whole table of related items in the gift shop.

After the tour, we had a snack at the palace garden cafe before checking out the gift shop then walking to see The Wellington Arch. I have wanted to go to Twinings since we got here, so we finally made that happen. One of my mom’s friends visited England several years ago and brought her back a Twinings tea towel that has been lost for a few years now. I was hoping to replace that for her, but the Twinings shop doesn’t actually sell tea towels anymore.

We came back to the house after Twinings to drop some things off and change shoes before a Jack The Ripper walking tour. Our train got delayed three times on the way to Tower Hill, so we didn’t get there until five minutes after the tour left. We had seen a few signs for other JTR walking tours and we were standing near one reading it when a peculiar man dressed in a top hat began talking to us about his JTR walking tour and the negative aspects of all of the others. He seemed pretty harmless and really passionate, so we decided we would go on his tour. If I remember, I’ll write more about him later, but the gist is that he turned out to be a rambling, easily destracted, racist, prejudiced conspiracy theorist.  My favorite moment was when he told us that people with mental illness walk funny. I guess he didn’t notice the very funny walk I must surely have.

After the tour was finally over, we went to get dinner at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, a pub that has been around since before the big fire of London. It was rebuilt in around 1666 after the fire burned it down and has remained in the same location off of Fleet Street (with some remodeling) ever since. The food was pretty good but the building was absolutely incredible. It reminded me of The Burrow in that it was sort of a hodge podge of different levels and rooms.

Tomorrow, we are using our London Passes to go to the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, and the London Zoo. It’s going to be a long and busy day. I am looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday before I go to Hampton Court Palace.

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