Week 6

Wow! Was the last time I posted seriously over ten days ago?! Sorry everyone!

On Saturday, August 10, we had a session on internalized oppression that was fascinating then another diversity panel on gender. I went home from session and supervised my sister in making chocolate muffin tops. I read a bunch of Long Walk to Freedom then decided to go on a walk. During my walk, I ended up with a wake of about fifteen children. We laughed, played, sang songs, and did the hokey pokey. It was so much fun!

On Sunday, August 11, I went into town with a few people and had pizza for lunch then went home and did my laundry.

On Monday, August 12, I had language class then sessions on assessment, correcting learners errors and marking (grading), and understanding work partners (who Peace Corps calls counterparts).

On Tuesday, I had language class then sessions on classroom management and classroom procedures.

On Wednesday, I had language class then we had a session telling us about the after school clubs we would be teaching later. After lunch, we talked about cross cultural behaviors and attitudes before having another M&E session (Monitoring and Evaluating). I don’t think I could tell you anything about that session aside from the fact that we should always turn in our reports. I received THREE care packages on Wednesday, which was awesome!!! I got a book from my mom and other various goodies from Joanne and Laura :). THANK YOU! Seriously. It’s always amazing to get mail and even more amazing when it has little things I want or need in it.

On Thursday, I had language class then we had a session on managing large classes before returning home to kill a chicken. Our language group and a Tsivenda language group bought chickens, killed them, cleaned them, cut them, and cooked them over the fire with the help of our amazing LCFs (language teachers).

On Friday, we had language class then time to lesson plan for our clubs that would start on Monday. We had a weekly village debrief then practice language exams. After that, I went to town with my friend Alex so that I could get some baking supplies. My little cousin, Rati, and my aunt Regina came to stay with us for the weekend. Generations (my favorite South African TV show) was CRAZY Friday night and ended with a HUGE cliffhanger. We watched The Help together that night and it was a really powerful experience for me to see how it affected my host family.

On Saturday, I woke up and baked chocolate chunk cookies then got ready and left for another village, Mosesejane, for a PCT party. We drank, danced, talked, ate, laughed, and had a lot of fun before I went to spend the night with my friends, Lizzy and Melissa.

On Sunday, I woke up and hang out with Lizzy and Melissa for a short time then began my trek home. Even though it would have taken five or ten minutes for me to drive home if I had a car, it took me over two hours to get home since I had to catch a taxi into town then wait for another taxi to fill up to bring me home before they dropped me off about a 20 minute walk from my house. I got home and did my laundry then read JK Rowling’s new book that my mom mailed me for a lot of the day. In honor of watching The Help, I made fried chicken for dinner all by myself! It turned out really good, but I loved the onion rings I made even more.

On Monday, I had language lessons before we had a session on teaching listening skills and time to lesson plan for Tuesday’s lesson. We walked to a local school where Darren took the lead as primary teacher for our first day of lessons. He did awesome and I could tell the learners really love him. I went home and finished reading The Cuckoo Calling before just hanging out for a while.

On Tuesday, I had a language lesson before we had a debrief on our teaching from Monday then had a session on teaching reading and writing before we had lesson planning time. We walked over to the school where we are teaching the after school club and I was the primary teacher for my first South African class. We did a fill in the blank activity using the song We Are the World and it was amazing. My partner and I worked really well together. I’ll try to get back in the habit of posting every Sunday!

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