Peace Corps Mail

Hello again everyone! I’ve posted this a few places, but the best way to get me mail during my training is to send it to me at:

Catherine Cottam
c/o U.S. Peace Corps
P.O. Box 9536
Pretoria 0001
South Africa

Letters would be FANTASTIC. Some of you have also expressed interest in care packages. I have gathered some different mailing/packaging tips for you all from various sources, as listed at the bottom.

  • USPS is cheapest.
  • Include the words “Airmail” and “Par Avion” on envelopes and packages.
  • Postcards will most likely not get to me.
  • To help ensure packages reach me without postal workers having gotten curious and stealing items, do the following:
  • Include an itemized list in the box.
  • Tape the package up like crazy
  • Write as clearly as possible.
  • Draw crosses, write Bible verses, and phrases like, “Jesus loves you” and “God is watching” all over the box.
  • Do not declare the package as anything tempting like “Clothing,” “Candy,” and “Books.” Instead write “Religious Materials,” “Bibles,” or “Teaching Materials.” Use the word “Used” in front as much as possible. Declare the value as $10 or less.






I will add more information as I get it!

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