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Peace Corps Nomination!

PC Nomination!


Hello friends and family 🙂  I am SO excited!  I received my nomination for the Peace Corps this week!  I still have to go through medical and legal clearance and will have to be assessed for suitability and competitiveness, but I am on my way!  I was excited to read that my medical assessment form was evaluated before my nomination because I was a little nervous about my medical history being a potential barrier to my service.

My recruiter was incredible.  She was so kind, very supportive, and was very willing to answer any questions that I had.  Several of my family members and a few friends have expressed concern about my safety.  My recruiter really made me feel a lot better about my safety and it was very helpful to talk to someone who had actually served.  She was also very knowledgeable about the Kate Puzey Peace Corps Volunteer Protection Act signed by Obama in November of 2011.

My recruiter told me that she is nominating me for an assignment in the Youth Development sector, which is precisely what I was hoping to do.  She told me that she will be looking for a placement in Africa for me, but she is aware that I am willing to go anywhere.  She suggested a few books for me and also told me about 2 Years in 3 Minutes, an incredible Youtube video created by a returned Peace Corps Volunteer.

I truly appreciate all of the love, support, good thoughts, prayers, and positive energy that I have experienced since I decided to apply.  You people are amazing 🙂




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