Kenya Travel

Tuesday, July 17

First of all, I heard from another volunteer that Geoffrey was seen piling a bunch of the donations given by community members into his car and driving off with them.  He took a lot of the food and all of the blankets.  I’m sure he would try to explain this away by saying that he was taking it to the other orphanage he recently started.  My bet is that he took it somewhere to sell it.  Even if he did take it to the other orphanage, that is not where the donors intended for it to go and I would be super mad if I was one of them.

I woke up and went into Kenol with Mary, Hunter, and Leah. I shopped around for a few things, then we ate lunch at the Junction. While I was there waiting on the other three, a little boy came up to me, stood about a foot away, and just stared at me. After Kenol, I went into Makuyu by myself to pick up James’ field trip pictures. That took a very long time, so I walked around some of the shops in Makuyu. Some of the pictures still weren’t ready, so I paid for them so James could pick them up after I left. I took the pictures I had to Pundamilia Primary school via bota bota, then went to hang out with Blackie for a bit. It makes me sick to think of all of the material possessions I have back at home that I don’t need. I could have paid for children to have an education instead.

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