Kenya Travel

Saturday, July 14

Mary, Hunter, Leah, and I took John Mwangi, Peeta, and Sarah out for the day. We rode a matatu into Thika and walked towards the opposite end of town. Sarah had to use the bathroom and Peeta had peed on himself, so we walked into a butcher shop for the kids to pee. The woman there sounded like she was being very mean and teasing the kids. Sarah told us that she had been mean to them for being with the wazungu, but didnt want to tell us what she said. We took the kids out to eat at the Golden Restaurant. They ate as much of what they wanted and they were all very full when we left. We went to the staging area to find a matatu that was headed to 14 Falls, but all of the drivers and conductors were very aggressive. One man said “I am going there. I take you. Come!” We got in his matatu and discovered that he was only going there because that was where we wanted to go and he expected us to pay 2500 ksh to rent the private matatu. We agreed to give him 1000 ksh, which he complained about the whole way there, but we didn’t ask him to take us somewhere we weren’t already going. The road into 14 falls was very bumpy and Peeta threw up all over himself, Leah, and the matatu. We had to pay to get into the falls, had to pay extra to take our cameras in, then were immediately accosted by locals trying to get us to pay them to walk us across the top of the falls. We ended up taking a boat to the other side and the kids had so much fun climbing on the rocks to get as close as possible to the water. We walked back to the top of the falls and bought some souvenirs from people who had made their own beads. One man was named Joshua and he gave us a very good price for everything, then walked us to show us where the hippo pool was. We saw two hippos, but one of them mostly stayed under water. Joshua walked us all the way to the matatu stage and made sure we got on the right matatu. He was very kind and never even tried to bully us into buying things from him when we were at his “shop”, a blanket spread out with his goods on it. We went back into Thika and took the kids to Tusky’s, a GIANT supermarket that has almost everything you could want. Then we took them to a restaurant right next to Tusky’s where they had fries, chapati, and mandazi. Peeta wouldn’t eat because he was afraid, but Leah let him try soda for the first time and it was precious. We took them home where we ate dinner and went to sleep.

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