Kenya Travel


I am sure this post will start in the morning and finish in the evening as the others have since I won’t have wi-fi until then. Someone in the Hostel unplugged the extension cord I was using, so my phone unfortunately only has 27% battery for the whole day. Luckily, I just have to make it to the Jack the Ripper Tour by 6:30 or 7. I will have to go back to my hostel to find the paper saying where it leaves from 🙂 I am currently riding on my first London Overground train and it is much nicer than the Underground. I have noticed a few things over the past day. The first is that people in London are much kinder to individuals who are obviously tourists than people in America are. Even though they can tell I am not from here, they are very polite and I haven’t found a person yet who seemed annoyed when I asked for help. It isn’t like that at home. Though SOME people in the US are perfectly kind and helpful to tourists or transplants, on the whole I feel that we aren’t doing as good a job as the Londoners I have met. I slept hard last night, only waking up once as people came into the room. I really don’t mind the Hostel. Nothing is especially clean, but most of it is clean enough and everyone staying there is around my age and very nice. My only complaints are that the shower room should be cleaned more often, the showers are TINY, and the electrical outlet intended for me to use at my bed doesn’t work at all. The front desk people this morning were much more helpful and kind than those who were working when I checked in yesterday. My valuables are in a locker that I have the key to and everything else is in a locked baggage room. It is going to cost quite a bit of money for me to retrieve my bags at LHR airport because I left them there for the duration of my stay here, but it is so worth it to not have to lug them around everywhere. I haven’t eaten fish and chips yet and I don’t really think I will. I went to the market yesterday and bought bread, peanut butter, jelly, and nutella. I had a Nutella sandwich for dinner last night for considerably less than I would have paid for pretty much anything else. I have done an excellent job of keeping up with my journal so far. I even wrote in it last night when I was sure I was going to collapse as soon as I hit the bed. London is incredible. It’s a little tricky to navigate when you are by yourself and don’t know where you are going, but I love it here. The public transport is definitely a huge plus. I noticed that the roads aren’t very crowded during morning rush hour, but the sidewalks and the underground certainly are. I am still exhausted from traveling and am not sure how much I will actually get to do today, but I am already sure that I want to come back to London for a time someday and see as much as I can of what it has to offer. I won’t lie, I am also quite enamored by the proper use of the English language and of all of the excellent grammar I hear.


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