Kenya Travel


Well, I am on the flight to London. The plane is smaller than I anticipated with only two columns of seats that each contain three seats. 21 Jump Street is one of our movie options and I really want to see it, but I really want to sleep more. I hope everyone is having a fun filled and exciting day! I know I have been 🙂 The in flight dinner was something They claimed was beef and potatoes with strange tiny corn cobs and a mixture of salad
I didn’t bother opening. The potatoes didn’t taste like anything and the beef seemed like it was probably destined for animal food rather than human consumption. Yumm! Being such a picky eater is definitely going to be a BIG challenge. My goal is to taste everything put in front of me in Kenya at least once. I will report back on that later. Also, crappy airline food doesn’t count for that. I did eat all of my in flight breakfast though! A warm croissant with strawberry jelly, honeydew, and cantaloupe. I don’t usually eat either or those melons, but they weren’t bad. I didn’t sleep as long as I would have liked to, bitty it was hard to get comfortable, they didn’t serve dinner until quite late, and the toddler in the seats across from me was very VERY unhappy. I got to sit by a window again and there was even an empty seat between me and the next person. The view from up here is incredible. I got to see parts of the sunrise from 37,000 feet, but not all of it since I am sitting right behind the left wing and it kind of obscured my view. I will be in London in about an hour and a half!!! EEEEEK! I am so excited! I won’t be able to post this until after I land, so I will already be in London by the time anyone reads this 🙂

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