Kenya Travel

Day 1

Today has been hectic to say the least. I didn’t realize that getting through the UK Border would take so long, then it took a long time to get to King’s Cross Station. From King’s Cross, I followed the lousy directions given to me by the Hostel and got lost wandering around London for about an hour. Some very helpful Brits and a Frenchman helped me find my way to the Hostel, where I deposited my backpack in their locked storage room. It was 1 o’clock by that time and I had been hoping to start my Hop On Hop Off tour by 11. It was so difficult to find the Hostel because most of the free wi-fi here requires a valid local phone number. I ended up wandering around trying to use a map to find a Golden Tours bus stop. I eventually wandered into an Internet cafe where I paid about a dollar to use the Internet for half an hour. I called each of my parents, my best friend, and the tour company to find out where the heck I could get on a bus. A kind older gentleman heard my conversation and told
Me which way to go. That didn’t really help since the woman on the phone didn’t speak very good English and she was sending me to the wrong place anyway. Luckily, another kind Brit who happened to be a taxi driver noticed how lost I seemed. He directed me to exactly where I needed to go and I ended up on the correct bus, which drove me past some very cool places and let me off at the Tower of London, which I explored for about two hours because I am fascinated by King Henry VIII and the way he disposed of his wives. I am currently back on the tour bus typing this as classical music plays and I glance around at business building. The audio guide is quite a bit off about where I am. I am looking at the London Eye as I type this. While it is impressive and I have seen photos of the view from the top, I am glad I didn’t spend the money to ride it.

I have been planning for weeks to go on a Harry Potter walking tour tonight, but I just don’t know if I have it in me. I already saw Platform 9 3/4 and Millennium Bridge and I should pass Trafalgar Square shortly. I think I will just go to bed quite early so I am able to wake up in the morning to go to Leavesden where the real Harry Potter magic will happen. That way I will still have enough energy for the Jack the Ripper tour tomorrow night.

Several hours later, I am back at the Hostel, which is a very interesting experience. I didn’t go on the HP walk. I went to Harrod’s then came straight back here. I am incredibly exhausted, so I am going to write in my travel journal and go to sleep. Love you all!

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