Kenya Travel

July Can’t Get Here Fast Enough!

I am getting SO EXCITED about my trip!  I am very excited about my stopover in London, but I am even more excited about getting to Kenya and meeting those sweet kids!  Today, I printed out four copies of every document I have related to the trip so that I can leave one with my parents and place each of the others in a separate piece of luggage.  I also did a little investigating and found out that my baggage is going to cost me a minimum of $70 each way.  OUCH!

Thanks to the generous contributions of my family and friends, I have raised a significant amount of money to donate to the orphanage where I will be volunteering in Kenya.  For safety reasons, I will not be carrying the cash with me into Kenya, but have found another way to get the needed supplies to the children.  I have started working on Thank You cards to send to the donors.  I am going to take the cards with me to the orphanage so the children can write words of thanks or draw pictures on them.

If you wish to contribute financially, please do so by Saturday, June 16, 2012 so that I can get and pack all of the necessary supplies.  The link to contribute financially is


If you wish to contribute to help me personally with the trip, there are still several items that I need for the trip.  I have managed to cover my own costs for airfare, lodging, and food, but there are still many things that I need to make my trip successful.  If you would like to help, please visit to see what things I need/want for the trip.


Some of my biggest personal needs are for insect repellent and hand sanitizer, though there are many other things that would be helpful.

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